About Us

Food is most important aspect of our life and state of well being.

How we are different?

Many cultures around the world are formed around food. Specially India is a country rich in food and culture. The richness, diversity and variety is unmatched. Here at KHANA PEENA, we bring some authentic taste of India. We make sure that food is well cooked and buy our products and ingredients from good companies.

At KHANA PEENA the food is prepared fresh and daily new dishes are prepared. Guests can enjoy meat, vegetarian, even some vegan food.

Raman has always enjoyed cooking and feeding family and friends. He would like to offer his passion for food to more people by offering an Indian restaurant in Bruchsal.

We run our operations quite in environment-friendly way. The food is served in biodegradable dishware. For example we import palm leaf plates from India, our cutlery is made out of starch. All the dishware is decomposable. We work with ReFood together so all the leftover and dishware can be used further in best form. ReFood use this to generate biogas in first phase then decompose rest to bio-fertilizers.

The team is dedicated to bring good food and in good ambience. Your feedback is warmly welcomed.

About Founder

In 2002 Raman left his job at General Electric and came from New Delhi, India to Bruchsal where he studied his masters in information technology. Later he started teaching in the university. After around a year, he joined SAP and spent 13 years there. He left SAP from his position as functional manager and wanted to try out new concept in gastronomy which is aligned to nature. He has experience in human interaction, process optimization, managing product development. As a person, he is creative, open minded, friendly and loves experimenting new things. Raman is a dynamic person, who cares for family, friends and people around him. He enjoys diverse activities and try new things.

Raman has been observing the process around lunch in SAP canteen.

Where as many around 10000 people eat food everyday in canteen. Also during visits to other big companies, he realized the common trend of lunch in big companies. There is lot of effort and resources used to run this process. He started researching on internet what can be alternative. Then he came up with an idea to serve food in compostable dishware. His passionate for food and the past observation gave birth to KHANA PEENA which he wants to try as proof of concept. Using these compostable dishware one can save lot of water and electricity and avoid use of chemical soaps used in gastronomy.

Idea and Philosophy

The idea is simple, cook good food and care for environment at the same time. KHANA PEENA offers good Indian food which is prepared everyday fresh. We dont have fixed menu, rather we prepare and cook daily new dishes.

The food is served to guests in compostable dishware which leads to no waste rather compost for earth. We work with ReFood which collects the food rests and compostable dishware to produce biogas and bio-fertilizer.

Our Team

Raman Gupta: Founder and CEO

Sai Siddhartha Reddy Kranati: Partner and Management

Daljit Singh: Helper in Kitchen and Outside.

Jacek Stranov: Design

Milan Vragolic: Management

Sadaf Mahmood: kitchen Team

Prarthana : Main Cook

Irfan : Main Cook

Opening Hours

Call For Reservations
Monday To Friday
11:30 AM - 14:00 PM
18:00 PM - 22:00 PM
Saturday And Sunday
Closed, Available for private and corporate events.



Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 2-6, 76646 Bruchsal, Germany